CadStats 6.1

Every month, the IRO has to report patient statistics to KFJ controlling. To make life easier, Michael developed some nice little applications. The one concerning CadPlan is CadStats in its current version 6.1.

First the user has to select the CadPlan patient directory over the network. Then, it is sufficient to hit the big button with the CadPlan figure. The software generates a CSV file and automatically starts Excel for further processing. This file contains full patient listing (in alphabetical order, in contrast to the printouts that can be generated by the CadPlan software itself), plan statistics (how many plans, how many fields etc.), and a statistical analysis of patients that have more than 30 slices (in this case, each slice can be charges separately in Austria). Of course, temporary patients etc. are removed. This saves a lot of time when building the monthly statistics for KFJ controlling.

This is CadStats 6.1 in the Windows XP environment:

CadStats is ©2001 by Michael Papauschek

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