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The following physics-related topics are in chronological order, with the most recent link on top.
Older stuff is most likely outdated, but we keep it for sentimental reasons ;-)

Institut für Radioonkologie (german)

GFIL Blinker Downtime of TrueBeams, Catalyst and CT
Marker Tracking Stereotactic Ablative Treatment of Liver Metastases (Mar 2023)
25th Anniversary This Website Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary (Feb 2023)
Marker Tracking Short Note: First Stereotactic Liver Treatment with Marker Tracking (Feb 2023)
epid qc phantom Our current QA equipment (Feb 2023)
HyperArc icon TrueBeam Geometric Performance for HyperArc (Oct 2021)
HyperArc icon Introducing HyperArc (May 2021)
Trade-off plan collection icon The Power of Multi-Criteria Optimization (Apr 2021)
Dose hotspot How to remove hotspots outside the PTV (Mar 2021)
Siemens Something to digest ... (Sep 2020)
NVidia P5000 Eclipse GPU Calculation - First Look (Jul 2020)
Knowledgebase icon Introducing Knowledgebase (Jul 2020)
Lung irradiation Dose Planning for COVID-19 Patients (Jun 2020)
Dose distribution CT AutoQA Lite (May 2019)
Dose distribution Eclipse Calculation Grid - The Unknown Entity (Mar 2019)
RapidPlan Training icon RapidPlan Evolution (Nov 2018)
EPIQA logo Evaluating Gantry Dependent Symmetry with EPIQA (April 2018)
TrueBeam Introducing FIELDCHECKepid (Mar 2018)
TrueBeam Introducing "Track-it" (Oct 2017)
iCheckNet Measuring MLC Backlash with MPC 2.7 (Sep 2017)
TrueBeam Our current network layout (Drawing © Varian Medical Systems) (Oct 2016)
TrueBeam AAA Portal Dose Prediction (Oct 2016)
TrueBeam First Deployment of ARIA15 Worldwide! (Sep 2016)
RapidPlan Training icon RapidPlan: How Model Quality Can Be Improved (Aug 2016)
TrueBeam TrueBeam Cover Quality (Jul 2016)
RapidPlan Training icon Introducing RapidPlan (Apr 2016)
iCheckNet MPC: Experiences After 12 Months of (Near-) Daily Use (Mar 2016)
3D view of measured dose rate peak (10FFF, DR2400, 1MU) The Dark Side of the MU (Mar 2016)
Happy physicist using DMI detector KFJ goes DMI: We Upgraded our MV Imaging Detectors (Jan 2016)
Varian Logo 2015 Varian Medical Systems Have Changed Their Logo! (Dec 2015)
Aquilion LB A New High Density CT Phantom (Dec 2015)
iCheckNet MPC: Experiences After 6 Months of Daily Use (Nov 2015)
Oct4D Modular OCTAVIUS 4D 1500: our New Gold Standard for VMAT & SRS Plan QA (Oct 2015)
DIAMOND icon Working with Diamond 6.0 (Jun 2015)
Portal Dosimetry Portal Dosimetry and Diamond Plan QA Results: 2013 - May 2015 (May 2015)
TrueBeam Image Quality of CBCT Using Inspiration Breath Hold (IBH) (Apr 2015)
iCheckNet Machine Performance Check - A Useful Tool for Machine QA? (Apr 2015)
iCheckNet iCheckNet - Part I: TrueBeam Machine QA (Feb 2015)
Streaming operator of Boltzmann equation Dose Behind Titanium (Jan 2015)
CatalystHD Introducing Catalyst HD on TrueBeam STx (Dec 2014)
DCF network Our Current DCF Network: 128 CPUs and 327 GB of RAM (Nov 2014)
CatalystHD ÖGRO 2014 Poster Presentation: Catalyst HD (austrian flag© P.Hundlinger, Oct 2014)
MV Integrated Image of Snooker Cue test field Let's Play Snooker! (Sep 2014)
Field weights in Conformal Optimization The Eclipse Conformal Optimization Module (Jun 2014)
TrueBeam Asymmetries in Beam Profiles Calculated with AAA13 (May 2014)
TrueBeam Our current network layout (Drawing © Varian Medical Systems) (Apr 2014)
TrueBeam What happens if the Catphan is left in the beam during CBCT air norm calibration? (Apr 2014)
Statistics icon True Beam Stability: Results After 6 Months (Feb 2013, updated Apr 2014)
Double Hip Image Quality of TrueBeam CBCT for Patients with Double Hip Prothesis (Apr 2014)
SBRT right lung Case Study: OCTAVIUS Verification of AAA and AXB SBRT plans (Mar 2014)
DIAMOND icon Triple VMAT Pretreatment Verification (Mar 2014)
Aquilion LB Introducing RGSC 1.0 - Varian's New Gating Solution for CT Scanners (Mar 2014)
PerfecPitch Couch First Images of Varian's PerfectPitch Couch (Feb 2014)
Out of field dose Modelling the HD120 Out-of-Field Dose with Eclipse 13 (Jan 2014)
Comparison 0.5x0.5MLC field AXB two different spot sizes Optimizing Target Spot Size for AAA and Acuros XB (Dec 2013)
OF field sizes Eclipse Beamdata for AAA and Acuros XB (Nov 2013)
Octavius phantom with assigned density OD/OP Masking Strategies: The Phantom's New Clothes (Oct 2013)
Portal Dosimetry The First 313 Clinical Arcs: RapidArc Plan QA in Examples (Sep 2013)
Aquilion LB HU Fidelity of the AquilionLB (May 2013)
Varian Trans-Energy-Experience The Varian Trans-Energy-Experience (Apr 2013)
HD120 wave (video © Varian Medical Systems) Dosimetric Parameters of the HD120 MLC (Mar 2013)
Streaming operator of Boltzmann equation AcurosXB10 calculation speed (Feb 2013)
Streaming operator of Boltzmann equation Commissioning AcurosXB with the inhomogeneity phantom T40037 (Feb 2013)
GFIL Blinker Clinac Downtime 1997 - 2013 (Jan 2013)
TrueBeam ON 1st TrueBeam in Austria goes clinical (Jan 2013)
MTK icon Results of the TrueBeam External Reference Dosimetry Audit (Jan 2013)
EPIQA logo Using EPIQA for the verification of FFF-RapidArc Plans on the TrueBeam (Oct 2012)
Beam-On Timer TrueBeam Blue

First View of TrueBeam BLUE (Jun 2012)

Beam-On Timer Linac Blue

Last View of Linac BLUE (Apr 2012)


EPID QA with epidSoft: Comparing Automatic and Manual Image Registration (Apr 2012)

Port Image of FieldCheck

Modern Light Field / Radiation Field QA (Mar 2012)

MTK icon Results of the 2012 External Reference Dosimetry Audit (Feb 2012)
Aquilion LB AquilionLB Couch Performance - The UCT (Dec 2011)
david DAVID reloaded (Nov 2011)
Aquilion LB AquilionLB - Automatic Recording of Weekly mAmin (Sep 2011)
EPIQA logo Using EPIQA for IMRT verification (Jun 2011)
Portal Dosimetry Icon Portal Dosimetry in ARIA10 (Jun 2011)
Aquilion LB AquilionLB Image Reconstruction Speed (Mar 2011)
Aquilion LB First impressions of the new CT (Dec 2010)
david The DAVID chamber (Oct 2010)
Ximatron RIP Our Ximatron is now history ... (Sep 2010)
palin Sarah Palin teaches radiation physics (Jul 2010)
iPad and iPhone The KFJIRO website also looks good on your iPad, iPhone or iPhone 4 (Jun 2010)
TrueBeam The new TrueBeam linac (Apr 16, 2010)
matlab DYNALOG analysis using MATLAB (Apr 2010)
brachy isodoses Abnahmeprüfung von BrachyVision 8.6 nach ONORM S5296 (austrian flagdownload PDF 8.1MB, März 2010)
radiation IRO Strahlenschutz (austrian flagMärz 2010)
error bars How (not) to improve your dose measurement accuracy (Mar 2010)
Follow kfjiro on Twitter From now on, you may also listen to our tweets. (Dec 2009)
SevenTwentyNine The PTW 2D-ARRAY seven29 (several articles, last update: Dec 2009)
Error E Another IRO innovation (Sep 2009)
RapidArc RapidArc optimization (Aug 2009)
Exact Couch Rails The dosimetry of Exact couch modelling (covering RapidArc) (Aug 2009)
CadMan Return of the CadMan (Jul 2009)
Exact Couch Rails Couch modelling in Eclipse (Mar 2009)
DCF Agent The calculation network is growing (Mar 2009)
Clinotronic The PTW microLion chamber (Feb 2009)
Absolut Marker 2009 will be the year of ... (Dec 2008)
MTK icon Results of the 2008 External Reference Dosimetry Audit (Nov 2008)
Clinotronic On the use of clinometers for linac QA (Oct 2008)
Parallels Eclipse Eclipse on the Mac (Sep 2008)
Prostate Sim-IMRT Clinical Experiences with Gold Markers (Nov 2007)
DCF Progress Bar The Distributed Calculation Framework (Sep 2007)
ARIA I blog, therefore I am (Sep 2007)
Portal Dosimetry Portal Dosimetry (Aug 2007)
DRR A home-made DRR phantom (download PDF 1.8MB, in german) (Apr 2007)
Ion Chamber Photo Story: the Linac Double Crash (Mar 2007)
Verification Seal One Year experience with the UNIDOSwebline (Jan 2007)
eMC plan Commissioning eMC - The first commercial Monte-Carlo Algorithm (Dec 2006)
Session29 1st Treatment with the Irregular Surface Compensator (ISC) (Apr 2006)
UNIDOSwebline UNIDOSwebline (Jan 2006)
wlan Wireless networking @ IRO (Jan 2006)
Physics Reports Icon Treatment Chart QA with MU/Gy plausibility checks (Mar 2005)
RampUp Animation Clinac ramp-up revisited (Mar 2005)
iCheck Icon iCheck - Our Quality Assurance Database (last update: Feb 2005)
aS500 Slit Movie The Portal Imaging System aS500 for IMRT verification and Linac QA (Feb 2005)
How long does it take to treat an IMRT patient? (May 2002)
A Doughnut at 15fps The D(oughnut)MLC (May 2002)
DivX Playa IMRT Live videos from the treatment room (May 2002)
IRONet 6.1 enhancement: Check-In Watch (May 2002)
TFC Treatment Field Counter enhanced by counting Portal Images (May 2002)
TFC Treatment Field Counter @ our 5th anniversary (Dec 2001)
NinaThe DMLC and Dynalogs - DMLC home (Dec 2001)
PalmVision Icon KFJ develops PalmVision for the mobile oncologist (and confuses U.S. customers) (Dec 2001)
CadStat CadStats 6.1 builds CadPlan statistics (Dec 2001)
IROnetIRONet 6.1 complements VARiS (Dec 2001)
IRO upgrades to Generation 6 (Nov 2001)
DGMP poster: Comparison of step-and-shoot and sliding window (austrian flag2001)
Diploma theses of radiotherapy technologists (austrian flag Nov 2001)
CFILNew interlocks discovered! (Aug 2001)
Dynalog The Varian European Users Meeting 2001 PowerPoint Presentation (Jun 2001)
DMLC Analysis of DMLC Logfiles (2000)
DEGRO poster: Dosimetric Verification of IMRT Treatments with Dynamic MLC (Nov 1999)
Animations of a dynamic beam (Sep 1999)
DGMP poster: Measurements of beam performance during IMRT (Sep 1999)
Measurements of beam performance during IMRT (abstract of DGMP poster 1999)
MLC usage approaching 100% (Jul 1999)
Shaping photos with the DMLC (Mar 1999)
Creation of the Absolut DMLC bottle (Feb 1999)
Fast beam measurements with the LA48 linear array (Feb 1999)
The first picture of the DMLC (Dec.30, 1998)
Celebration of Treatment field 100.000 (Nov 22, 1998)
MLC-Art Part 2 - The Absolut MLC (Nov 1998)
ÖGRO Poster: Reliability of a Multileaf Collimator (Oct 1998)
something weird ..
Shaping our IRO logo with the MLC (development of the IRO logo)
MLC art part 1: Sunrise over Leaf 21B
Nina and Gabi in front of one of our Clinacs
The building from outside ...
MLC Dosimetry (Oct 1998)
Working with Cadplan 3.1 (Sep 1998)
MLC-Workshop @ KFJ hospital (english) (Feb 1998)
MLC-Workshop @ KFJ hospital (austrian flag Feb 1998)

P.S.: In contrast to "ordinary" Physicists, Medical Physicists are really nice people ;-)