The Absolut MLC

I think everybody knows the Absolut Vodka advertising campaign, which runs nonstop since 1981. It is really amazing in how many different contexts the typical bottle shapes appears. Anyone who loves creative work should get the book "ABSOLUT BOOK. The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story" by Richard W. Lewis.

The following pictures were taken on one of our Clinacs, with the help of the 80 leaf MLC. The whole process of taking the pictures, adding the typeface and preparing them for the Web took less than 2 hours and was great fun!

These are my contributions to the story:

For the Absolut LCD, a picture from a HP48SX calculator display was taken.

The Absolut DMLC can be found here.

(Absolut country of Sweden vodka & logo, Absolut, Absolut bottle design, Absolut calligraphy and are trademarks owned by V&S Vin & Spirit AB.)

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