Bild des Direktionsgebäudes mit dem Schriftzug Otto Wagner Spital. Foto: OWS, Mag. Guth


Art and culture at Steinhof


The whole compound of the hospital ‘Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Baumgartner Höhe Otto-Wagner-Spital’ is an Art Nouveau masterpiece. It was designed by Otto Wagner, the renowned Austrian Architect of the ‘Vienna Secession’ artistic group which moulded the special Viennese Art Nouveau or ‘Wiener Jugendstil’. His most famous building in the hospital certainly is the church ‘Kirche Am Steinhof’ or ‘Otto Wagner Kirche’. The church’s golden glowing dome can be seen from afar. Because of this and because the dome slightly resembles one half of a lemon the Viennese lovingly named the hospital compound also ‘Lemoniberg’ (loosely translated as lemon mountain).


With its uncounted trees and green spots the hospital is a park-like complex which is opened to everyone. At the moment the church is only opened to the public each Saturday between 4pm and 5pm and Sunday from noon to 4pm (no big groups or guided tours allowed at these times). But there are several other ways to enjoy the treasures of this Art Nouveau ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ other than just strolling through it by yourself! For example our regular guided tours in German on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, special concerts, and of course the holy mass each Sunday and on public holidays at 9:30am (starting 17th April 2011). Our guided tours can also be booked privately for other dates and in different languages. Please do not hesitate contacting our cultural repressentative if you would like to book a tour or need any other information about cultural events!


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Memorial Steinhof - Exhibition on Nazi euthanasia and medical crimes at Steinhof


Events (German only)


Otto-Wagner-Kirche Innenraum, von unten betrachtet, Kuppel, Kirchenfenster links, ewiges Licht von unten. Urheberrecht: K.Baier


Visit the Church


The church by Otto Wagner was built between 1904 and 1907, just like the surrounding hospital. It is a masterpiece of Viennese Art Nouveau or 'Wiener Jugendstil'.

Opening hours

Saturday, 4pm to 5pm

Sunday, noon to 4pm

Entry € 5,00


Guided Tours

There are regular guided tours in German through the church each Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 4pm. In this one-hour tour you can fully explore this astonishing marvel of Viennes Art Nouveau. Our certified guides will show you how everything in this church has a particular and thoughtful purpose and nothing is arbitrary. As Otto Wagner once said "Only the useful can truly be beautiful".

A private tour through the church can be booked for any time and in different languages!


Prices 2018
Adults € 12,00
Pupils/Students/Retiree   € 10,00
Children under the age of 6
(max. 2 per adult)    
free entry

Private tours start at a minimum of € 120,00 for a group with up to 13 persons; for groups above this size regular prices for adults apply.


Türelement des Jugendstiltheaters. Foto: OWS, Newald


Extended Art Nouveau Tour


Our certified guides will take you for 2 hours through an Art Nouveau heaven!

These tours can be booked privately throughout the entire year and in different languages.

The tour includes:

  • the conference hall in the main management building
  • the Art Nouveau theatre
  • the memorial site of the ‘children of the Spiegelgrund’ (a major site of Nazi-euthanasia)
  • Pavilion V and its exhibition of the ‘Dokumentationsarchiv des Österreichischen Widerstandes’ (Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance) which offers a closer examination of the dark Nazi past
  • the church with its golden dome as the finest piece of Viennese Art Nouveau.


Prices 2018  
Adults € 16,00
Pupils/Students/Retiree € 14,00
Children under the age of 6
(max. 2 per adult)    
free entry

Private tours start at a minimum of € 120,- for a group with up to 10 persons; for groups above this size regular prices for adults apply.



  • U4 to “Unter St. Veit”, change to Bus 47A, get off at “Otto-Wagner-Spital”
  • Bus 48A from central station “Dr. Karl Renner Ring” to “Otto-Wagner-Spital”
  • U3 to “Ottakring”, change to Bus 48A to “Otto-Wagner-Spital”



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