The Varian PerfectPitch 6-DoF Couch on TrueBeam 2.0

In contrast to couchtops from other vendors with six degrees of freedom (6-DoF), the PerfectPitch couch is a 100% Varian product. It is fully integrated into the Varian environment. All couch values are saved to the ARIA database, just like any other treatment parameter.

In our department, the PerfectPitch couches on the two TrueBeams are equipped with the IGRT couchtop. The PerfectPitch couch has the same maximum load capacity as the IGRT couchtop: 200 kg. All movements can be performed at maximum load. Maximum pitch and roll is ± 3.0 degrees.

For the following video from TrueBeam BLUE, the pitching and rolling was done manually, via the handpendant. This is only possible in Service Mode, or when TrueBeam 2.0 displays the Major Mode Screen.

In clinical mode (Treatment Application - TXA), movements can only be initiated after imaging (e.g., a 3D-3D match). When the resulting couch corrections are applied, the isocenter always stays at the same location: the movements are said to be isocenter focussed.

This is the PerfectPitch installation on TrueBeam GREEN:

PerfectPitch Couch on TrueBeam GREEN

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