EPIQA is a commercial software which we use for the independent verification of IMRT treatments with the Varian EPID (Electronic Portal Imaging Device). See the EPIdos website for details and current releases.

All evaluations on this page were performed with version 2.1.1.

Eclipse vs Eclipse
(typical EPIQA screen in version 2)

At first glance, the functionality of EPIQA seems to be similar to that of Varian Portal Dosimetry (VPD): First, verification plans for each field are calculated in Eclipse. Then the IMRT plan is delivered on the linac, where integrated images are acquired ("measured") with the EPID. Finally, calculated 2D dose distributions and measured images are compared field by field with EPIQA, typically using the gamma index method.

The main differences are:

If time is at a premium, one will probably choose VPD. If consistency, flexibility and superior physics are important, EPIQA is the right choice. Of course, it is always good to have both ;-)

Some examples

1our EPIQA serial number indicates that we are a special customer ;-)

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