MPC: Experiences After 6 Months of Daily Use

One day, when switching off "Show Repeated Checks", a strange pattern appeared.

Suddenly and for the first time, we saw the big picture ...


On Nov 3, 2015 we temporarily suspended MPC. It currently costs too much time in the morning until the Beam & Geometry Check completes without faults.

MPC timeline

Some issues may be machine related (dosimetry interlocks etc.), but others are currently in the design of the software. If the "Energy failed to load" fault is issued, one has to quit MPC, go to Service Mode, clear the fault, and switch back to MPC. If the software stops working although 99% of the job is done (and results up to this point have been saved as files), one nevertheless has to start the check from beginning. This would be unacceptable for patient treatments ...


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