After the 14th Annual SASRO Meeting in Bern we took the opportunity to visit University Hospital Zürich (UHZ), where a TrueBeam machine started to treat patients routinely one month ago (March 16). UHZ and the Memorial Sloan Kettering are the only two sites where TrueBeam is in clinical operation right now.

"Excited" is the word heard most frequently in these days. The machine offers up to 5 photon and 8 electron energies, flattening filter free beams with currently up to 2400 MU/min, kV-imaging during MV-gated-RapidArc, and much more. It is a complete redesign, not just a new cover. Sounds logic that everybody is very excited about this new technology ;-)

TrueBeam STx
(The TrueBeam at University Hospital Zürich)

(Because it has the HD120 inside, it is called TrueBeam STx)

Hand pendant
(A small detail: the redesigned hand pendant also implements the follow the light philosophy)

Hand pendant hook
(The light on the hook indicates that there is still a pendant interlock)

Gating camera
(The gating camera is now stereoscopic)