Treatment Field Counter


This counter is a nice little application programmed by Michael that always runs in the background on the physicists desktop. It main purpose is to let us know when exactly we delivered treatment field 300.000 on our linacs (see the story about treatment field 100.000).

You may also use it to check whether your staff is working (or the linacs are down). There are many extensions imaginable, like calculating the actual number of treatment fields per hour or even something graphical like the Windows Task-Manager (slightly modified) ...

The counter is refreshing every 5 minutes if Auto-Refresh is selected.

Here is a screenshot made on the afternoon of our 5th anniversary. The first simulation in the new KFJ was on Dec. 20th, 1996. The first field on the Clinac was treated three day later. This gives an average of 60.000 treatment fields per year.


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