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Unfortunately, the owner of the site changed in 2013, and the link is broken. Nothing in the internet is permanent, but youtube probably would have been a better place to keep the video. Now I can only provide a static image2, plus the text Sarah was presenting:

Sara Palin on Xtranormal

Sarah Palin, expert for everything, gives a short introduction on the physics of medical linear accelerators. Enjoy!

"Hello friends, hello radiotherapy students! I was asked to give a short lecture on the physics of radiotherapy. First, I wanted to refudiate1, because I am a busy person. But then I remembered that I own a laser pointer. And laser light is just another kind of radiation! So, as an expert, I am sure I can teach you a lot about radiation physics.

The rays we want to talk about today come out of the head of a big and heavy machine called medical linear accelerator. It weights about six tons due to the massive shielding. The price for a linac, if it is a premium device like a TrueBeam, can be up to four and a half million dollars. You know what I like most about linear accelerators? They have a gun. I LOVE guns!

So, after this short introduction, let's come to the point. I hope I can assume some basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. This makes it easier for me, since my time is limited. In principle, all this radiation physics stuff is very easy. All you have to do is this: solve the Schrödinger equation. Thank you very much. Good night."

1Not a typo, but a word invented by Sarah Palin. Simply google for "refudiate palin".
2If you want to see similar animations: search for "xtranormal palin" on youtube.