IRO upgrades to Generation 6

Most of the older pages you find on this web site are outdated due to the fact that we now use Generation 6 software. Our upgrade took place from Nov.1 to Nov.4, 2001. Since Nov.1 is a holiday in Austria, we only lost one treatment day. On the first day with Gen6, Monday Nov.5, we treated 65 patients. Two weeks later, we were back to our long term average of 100 patients per day.

Due to lack of time, I'll show just a few photos from the hardware upgrade. Software experiences will follow ...

First: old hardware out (Anybody need Pentium? Ask Michael!)

Then: new hardware in!

This shows our two Gen6 servers, the 2-processor database and the 1-processor file server, during installation (very early stage):

I especially like the blue diodes:


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