Return of the CadMan

Treatment Planning has changed considerably since the arrival of the CadPlan end-of-life letter in Nov 2006. But the CadMan is still alive!

Using the 3D brush and different brush sizes, the CadMan can be created in Eclipse with 17 mouse clicks (and a few more for the heart). The largest sphere (his belly) has a diameter of 10cm.

CadMan Struct

The orange bowl on the floor was created with 2 clicks: one with the 3D brush, the other with the 3D eraser placed a few millimeters above.

The CadMan is no ordinary species. He has no cells that could be damaged by ionizing radiation. On the contrary: if a high-energy beam hits him, he is loaded with energy!

CadMan plan

If the "dose cloud" is clipped at 75%, the heart shines through:

CadMan cloud

Long live the CadMan!

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