The PTW 2D-ARRAY seven29

Octavius Removing the Calculation Grid Effects (Dec 2009)
Octavius Octavius: Dosimetric Performance (Oct 2009)
Octavius Octavius: Setting up the Phantom (Sep 2009)
Octavius Calculation Grid Effects with AAA and the seven29 (Aug 2009)
Eclipse Octavius: The Poor Man's Version (Jul 2008)
Beam Adjustment 2D-Beam Adjustment with the seven29 (Mar 2007)
Effective Point of Measurement The seven29's Effective Point of Measurement (Feb 2007)
Merge Merge729: Getting 100% coverage with the seven29 (Jan 2007)
Using MultiCheck 2.1 for Linac QA (Apr 2006)
2D-ARRAY Output Factors (Apr 2005)
MatrixScan 2D-Dose and Dose Rate Movies (Mar 2005)
Application for Relative Electron Dosimetry (Feb 2005)
729 Application for IMRT verification and Linac QA (Feb 2005)
The 2D-ARRAY Gantry Mount (Feb 2005)
729 Description and Basics (Feb 2005)

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