The Vienna Hospital Association

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The Vienna Hospital Association includes all hospitals and geriatric centres of the City of Vienna and is one of the biggest hospital operators in Europe.

Presently the Vienna Hospital Association is responsible for

MitarbeiterInnen bei einer Operation; Foto: KAV/Pavlovsky

  • 10 hospitals, including the General Hospital-Medical University Campus,
  • 10 geriatric centers and residential nursing homes with socio-medical care of the City of Vienna + the socio-therapeutic center in Ybbs and
  • 6 training facilities for general healthcare and nursing care.

The hospitals of the City of Vienna deliver top-class medical care on the highest international level for all citizens of Vienna, regardless of their income, social background or age.

The geriatric centres and residential nursing homes with socio-medical care of the City of Vienna are specialised in (medical) care for persons, who can no longer be cared for at home. In these competence centres chronically sick and often very elderly people are professionally nursed and medically treated around the clock.   

The Vienna Hospital Association is Austria’s biggest provider of educational institutions for healthcare professions. Alltogether there are 2,100 apprenticeship positions available for prospective nurses and for the training regarding medical-technical services.

The Vienna Hospital Association employs nearly 30,000 people, who provide service for about 395,000 inpatients and 3,1 million outpatients.

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